Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Written Report for Color & Fashion Trends


I have selected BALENCIAGA for the brand audit assessment.

Balenciaga in my eye is quite a elegant brand for upper class. Although it didn't make haute couture anymore. The ready-to-wear collectons are still stunning to me. I especially love the silhouettes of Balenciaga clothings.

I would like to use this paragraph to conclude the history of Balenciaga.
"1937-1968, when Cristobal Balenciaga made his name during Paris's golden age of fashion; and 1996-2006, charting the dramatic revival of the House of Balenciaga under Nicolas Ghesquière, one of the most widely admired and celebrated new designers in contemporary fashion."


“Be natural, in order that everything may truly come from within you.” Cristobal Balenciaga

I think that might be one of the reasons affecting Cristobal Balenciaga on using color on his designs. Monochromatic, analogous and achromatic color schemes are mostly used. And so as Nicolas Ghesquière. He is always being metioned that he can make Cristobal Balenciaga's design into something new yet keep the brand original style. And what i discovered in this project is, despite the style, cutting, etc. The color system they used are quite similar. They both love using mono-chromatic and analogous colors on an outfit.

However, it's not always true in nicolas's design. And i will further explain it in next section.


Black, grey and white, the netural gray, are definitely used by nicolas in every season. But i think that the brand color of BALENCIAGA is not that simple.

Nicolas likes using tint, tone and shade colors. It's rare to see high chroma in his designs. Except that, he sometimes would like to use high intensity color in a very low proportion to highlight the outfit. Otherwise, mono-chromatic, analogous and achromatic color schemes are the most commonly used.

His theory of using high intensity colors is selecting the complementary or split complementary colors of the main color of the outfits. Or just matching with black and white. But note that, the proportion of it may just a binding of hem finishing or something very minor.


After the trend of Bohemia in 2009 Spring, colors expressing exoticism is still in trend. Due the the Fall and Winter, the color may have some variation. Hues in lower chroma will definitely give a warm feeling. That's what "Silent Agitations"- warm and lightened neutrals interplay, in ambiguously multi-colored tone-on-tone, with deliciously tinted suaves.


Sculpture structured clothing must be a hit. I want to create great volume on my outfits in 3-D dimesion. At the same time, keep the "nutcracker style" which match the feeling of fall/winter clothings. Army look is always popular in winter.


Beside the brand colors of Balenciaga, I will use deep red (PANTONE 1807 C), beige (PANTONE 7402 C) and turquoise (PANTONE 345 C) that can help making complementary or split complementary color combination. And these three hues are in low chroma that match BALENCIAGA style.

Monday, November 24, 2008

a walk in Causeway Bay

i'm now more aware of color used in each garment and even window display
this is what i see when i hang around in CWB....
*photos are reflected by blue light, the color may be affected in the photos...
but still, the color inside the store is realistic
see by chloe


agnes b.

Vivienne Westwood


all of these stores use white as the main color in their interior design
esp. for the wall
i remember what i learn in previous lectures....
white color can help create more space in visual
that's the reason why most of the store use white color
at the same time, it give a impression of tidy and unity

DKNY is quite a special case in between these stores
yellow and purple colors are the complementary colors to each other
it is more eye catching to the passers-by

it's quite interesting to be conscious of these little things =]

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My collection for BALENCIAGA 2009-10 Fall/Winter

BALENCIAGA 2009-10 Fall/Winter
"The Nutcracker Sculpture"

there are 8 outfits in total
low chroma color create a warm feeling that suit for the season
some outfits used complementary or split complementary colors that make it more eye-attractive
army look is always trendy in every winter
the collection made some variation on army look
the outfits are cool, at the same time, very feminine
the silhouette is what "BALENCIAGA style" is
bulky and volume shoulder pad and skirt show a lot BALENCIAGA style

collection sketch

Saturday, November 15, 2008

color scheme of brands campaign

it's really amazing that different color family will create totally different ambience

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


just want to upload my progress right here..

Sunday, November 9, 2008

color scheme for my collection

all brand colors are kept

deep red (PANTONE 1807 C), beige (PANTONE 7402 C) and turquoise (PANTONE 345 C) can help making complementary or split complementary color combination
and these three hues are in low chroma that match BALENCIAGA style

hope i can develop a interesting collection.....!